Our Story

In Arabic, ‘Mounia’ means “a wish fulfilled.” We’re certain that once you’ve tried the Mounia System, you’ll wish you’d found it sooner.

Mounia's products are the culmination of years of research built upon Berber beauty innovation, whose ancient recipes have maintained strong and healthy hair beneath the Sahara sun for centuries. Mounia is cruelty-free, vegan, color-safe and made from organic ingredients… the way clean haircare products should be.

Mounia was created by two brothers with a shared hobby: haircare science. It was an unlikely obsession—one worked in bio-tech and the other in fintech. But, over time, they used their individual skills & expertise to scientifically explore the best natural ingredients for hair and develop a proprietary ingredient database inspired by ancient recipes and modern cosmetic innovations. The brothers partnered with scientists from Harvard and MIT to streamline their development. The result: Mounia Haircare.

Mounia’s specialty products target the most common concerns in haircare: greater volume; more shine; decreased breakage; improved hydration; increased moisture, and better scalp health. Mounia’s first product, the Two-Drop Serum™, is a hair oil made with the finest Argan Oil, Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil, and Mounia’s patented technology that will strengthen your ends, prevent breakage, and make your hair softer, thicker, & clinically more healthy. To complete the Mounia System™, Mounia developed the signature Mounia Rinse™ and Mounia Condition™ , which gently cleanse and nourish hair with the same Berber beauty secrets & patented scientific enhancements.

Rinse cleanser shampoo bubbles texture

No. 1



A color-safe shampoo for all hair types, infused with organic Aloe Vera and Ghassoul Clay for a gentile, nourishing cleanse. Formulated with Rose and Pomegranate Oil to remove buildup without harsh detergents.

Masque conditioner hydrate white cream texture

No. 2



A color-safe deep conditioning treatment for all hair types, with organic Cumin and Flax Seed Oil to weightlessly hydrate. Formulated with Biotin to strengthen and packed with nutrients to repair color-treated hair.

Hair serum oil bubbles texture

No. 3


Smooth + Strengthen

A silicone-free strengthening serum for all hair types. Infused with organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oil to strengthen, smooth and shine. Formulated to seal in moisture and repair damaged, dry hair.

The Science

Our patented technology bonds to Argan and Prickly Pear oils while forming a lightweight liquid lattice around each strand of hair.

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Mounia Haircare x The Pink Agenda

Mounia is proud to support The Pink Agenda through a partnership and a donation of 10% of every Discovery Kit sold. This not-for-profit organization is committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care, as well as increasing awareness of the disease among young professionals.

Mounia chose to partner with The Pink Agenda because their mission and approach makes a real difference to the global community. Helping to raise millions of dollars for research and to raise awareness is something we can all get behind.

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